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Belgrade, Serbia

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Mountaineering club "Pobeda" is situated in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The name "Pobeda" means "Victory".

Our club “Pobeda” is one of the most active mountaineering clubs in Serbia  with a large membership (about 3000 members ). We organize the most exciting trips and mountaineering expeditions all over our country as well as abroad. For  example in 2008 we organized and completed 310 activities and 11230 mountaineers and alpinists took part in them.

We possess our own coach, a mountaineering house and a hut, a library, different climbing equipment, telecommunication devices etc. Those things occur as the result of our activists’ work. Every week our members climb mountains  in Serbia as well as in other countries. It is not the only thing we do. We also visit historical places, monasteries and other  places of interest in our country. We organize lectures for those who want to learn more about nature and environment.

Once or twice a year we go to so called “the big trip”. It is the crown of our activities and that makes “Pobeda” different from other mountaineering clubs in Serbia. Usually about 30 and sometimes even more members of “Pobeda” travel and climb mountains of Europe, Africa, Asia etc. At the moment there are many young climbers in “Pobeda” who  devoted  themselves  to climbing  famous mountain peaks . They are the members of so called “highmountaineering” section in “Pobeda”.  I may say  this section  represents the heart of the club, and the club is proud of the people who are in the section.There are, of course, many other groups in the club whose members are going in for orienteering, taking photographs of mountains, free climbing, mountain cycling, education  and so on. Those groups are very important, because the members of “Pobeda” are interested in different activities.

The year 2008 was very special   for all of us. We were celebrating the 60th anniversary of the foundation of “Pobeda”  as it was founded in 1948. We made a climbing plan for 2008.  Besides the traditional  activities such as:                                                                

1. 27th memorial to a great mountaineer and a founder of “Pobeda” called ”Cika Dusko  Jovanovic”.                                                             
2. Days of clean mountains  and
3. 27th “Uncle Dusko’s Rajac paths”
4. We made a new mountaineering-tourist map of Rajac with the text at its  back written both in Serbian and English
5. The action ”60 peaks for 60 years  at a weekend”
6. We  climbed small  Caucasus -  peak Aragac 4.091 m in Armenia.
7. Elbrus  5.642 m, the highest peak in Europe. 33 mountaineers climbed Caucasus in Russia.
8. We conquered  Mont Blanc the highest mountain  of west Europe (4.180m) in the Alps on the border between France and Italy.
9. We climbed Picos de Europa in Spain but not Coma Pedrosa 2.942m  that is the highest peak of Andorra, a small  principality in the Pyrenees.
10. The MAS asked us to organize the DAY OF MOUNTAINEERS  OF  SERBIA.  700 mountaineers took part in it although it was raining hard all day. Thanks to this  successfully organized event we have been asked to organize the DAY OF EUROPEAN WALK.
11. The memorial plaque in honour of uncle Dusan Jovanovic was fixed on the wall of the house where he was born  in the village Trbunje.   

How active our club is, its strength and numerical superiority can be seen on  the first side of our web site where our numerous actions, reports of completed actions  are written about.


We have tried to introduce ourselves shortly.

If you want to cooperate with us or only to contact us, here is the address:
Macvanska 8

11000 Belgrade


Phone: +381 11 2455 781

FAX: +381 11 369 15 83

Best regards from all members of the club "Pobeda".





Address : 8  Macvanska, Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone: 011/ 2455/781( from 5pm to 8 pm)

Fax: 011/647/672


Membership fee:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7 pm

Meetings : Tuesday from 7pm


Mountaineering club “POBEDA”, general characteristics

M C “POBEDA”as a section of the sport club”POBEDA” was founded in 1948 by bank employees in Belgrade.

A short time after being  founded the sport club stopped to exist  but thanks to the group of the enthusiastic mountaineers led by Dusan Jovanovic – Uncle Disko, the mountaineering club “POBEDA” survived and gradually it has become one of the largest and the most  known mountaineering clubs in Serbia.


Dusan Jovanovic –uncle Dusko
1903 -1981 

was born in the village Trbunje-Blace, Prokuplje on 22nd February 1903. He attended  a primary school in Blace,  a grammar school in Krusevac and graduated from the University of Belgrade with a degree in law. He worked as a legal adviser in banks, the National bank of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Investment bank

Dusko Jovanovic became interested in sport(both gymnastics and mountaineering) and physical culture  in his early age. He became a member of Serbian mountaineering club in 1923. Soon after the country was occupied he was arrested and taken to the concentration camp on Banjica and in the year 1942 he was interned  to the concentration camp in Germany on the junction bounded by three countries  France, Belgium and Luxemburg. He got in touch with the French resistance movement and with their help he organized  escape from the camp . He was in France when the Second World War was over and became engaged in organizing our internees’ return to their native country.

 He was one of the first who organized  associations for mass physical trainings  and mountaineering clubs as their parts after the war. Being one of the founders of Mountaineering Association of Serbia he was choosen  to be  a secretary of the Association at the first meeting in 1948. He  initiated  the founding of  MC “Pobeda”  by  the syndicate organization  of  Yugoslav National Bank He was the president of the MC ”Pobeda”for thirty years. As its  president   he was an initiator  and organizer of  having the mountaineering house on Rajac and  the hut on Dobre Vode built  as well as sport-tourist  manifestations such as the haymaking on Rajac and Suvobor fair of  heather. He was an initiator  and coordinator of Mountaineering  brotherhood and unity meetings as well as of mountaineering clubs in former Yugoslavia.He organized numerous trips, excursions,  climbing mountains and mountaineering expeditions  in former Yugoslavia  and Europe during fifty years of his activity. He made many generations of  mountaineers  love nature and their native country.

The mountaineering house on Rajac near Ljig,100 km far from Belgrade, called “ Uncle Dusko’s House” after its founder is the largest  and the best  equipped  mountaineering  house in Serbia. It is situated at the height of 648 meter on the road Ljig- Gornji Milanovac between two villages Slavkovica and Gornji Banjani. There are 70 beds in double-bedded  rooms and multibedded rooms. There are bathrooms on each floor, central heating, and  a glassed veranda with a television set.
The members of the “Pobeda” have planted the forest of  fir trees, pines and birches.  There is the monument  near the House erected to the soldiers killed  in the famous battle of  Kolubara  in the First World War  that  took place on the ground near by.

The hut “Dobra Voda” (“Good Water”) is situated an hour and half walk west from the Uncle Dusko mountaineering  house. It is a typical  hill house built in Sumadija style with two rooms and a kitchen with 12 beds and all necessary equipment needed for the life in nature. About twenty meters from the house there is the spring “Dobra Voda”, the name itself describes the quality of water. The fact  that there is no electricity makes the life there charming.    

The rhythm of living is subordinated to the nature. Natural, healthy food, milk products, honey, potatoes, corn bread can be bought in summer mountain pasture huts. One can never forget his/her stay at  the “Dobra Voda” hut. There is a saying : Once there -always there. A special presentation  of the hut “Dobre Vode” with about 40 photos can be seen here.

The MC “POBEDA” also owns  a coach used for social excursions. This is the only amateur society with its own motor pool; this fact proves how much  the members of    the club are dedicated to their club.

The members of the club can, when they need, borrow mountaineering equipment, tents, tables, chairs, ropes karabiners, crampons of different kinds etc. from the Club without any charge.

Anybody interested  in or who wants to organize excursions, trips, expeditions  can use the library and/or  rich archive of the Club.


The 60th anniversary of the Club existence and its successful work was celebrated in 2008. The members of the MC “Pobeda” of all generations  have been visiting beautiful Serbian mountains for more than 60 years  They have also visited attractive mountains abroad, learned more different countries and met new people. The beginning was modest, first they climbed  the mountain peaks of the neighbouring countries and then of other countries of Europe, some countries of Africa, Near East and  larger Mediterranean islands. These mountaineering expeditions were not ambitious and élite  but modest  actions with a lot of members taking part in them. They are  people who can give up comfort  but enjoy travelling  and  the company of people with the same interest.

The club is situated in 8 Macvanska street in Belgrade and it is opened on Monday, Wednesday and on Thursday, from 5 to 7 pm but on Tuesday from 6 to  9 pm. Then one can get any information about current, past and future activities of the club. One can also get any information  on telephone:011/2455 781 or using E-mail:

One can become a member at any time during a year when the premises of the Club are opened. The membership fee is modest. As a member of the MC ”Pobeda” one  has all rights the Mountaineering Association of Serbia gives- reduced fare when travelling in a group, cheaper stay  at mountaineering premises all over the country. Membership fee covers insurance expenses too. The damages  for any harm that comes during a mountaineering action  organized by any MC or MAS are paid by –DUNAV- an insurance company.

Every Tuesday  members come to the premises of MC “Pobeda” to be informed about the past, current and future activities of the Club. The MC “Pobeda” is managed by the executive  body  with the president on its top and they also meet on Tuesday  before the meeting with all members. Members can join any section of the club  such as: walking, highmountaineering, alpinism, orienteering etc. Besides the main activity of the club –mountaineering, one can be occupied with  a hobby such as photomaking, music, collecting different things, ethnography etc.


The rules how the actions should be managed

1. This plan of excursions is changeable. Changes can be made only by the executive body of the club and the members must  be informed on time.

2. Leader’s obligations  are:  

   a. He/she announces the action at least 30 days  in advance at  meetings held on Tuesdays. The members are informed of the programme of the action, the route, (expected) walking time and of possible difficulties as well as  how to be dressed,  what food to take with and of the expenses that should be paid.

   b. He/she starts accepting  preliminary  registrations from the moment the plan of the action is announced. The final list of the participants is made according to the order of payment regardless of a mountaineering club a participant comes from.  Membership fee must be paid for the current year.

   c. A leader is an official person who organizes actions in the name of the club notin his/her own name but he/she himself/herself is legally responsible for the organization and carrying out the action and for any possible misfortune. He/she must warn  a mountaineer or a group of them to correct their behaviour  in case they misbehave. A leader can  free himself/herself from any responsibility for his/ their misbehaviour in case he/they don’t follow leader’s advice and later on a leader has to inform the Executive Board about it in writing.

d.      He/she has a discretion right not to take  troublesome members from the previous climbing/walk to the next one

e.      After a return from climbing, walk or any other organized mountaineering excursion a leader must present a written report on the activity to the Executive Board.

3. The participants’ obligations are:

   a.  After the plan of an activity is announced, each participant interested in it  must, before signing up, evaluate his/her conditions (both healthy and physical ).

    b.  A participant should  start from easy to more difficult activities  and try at his/her advance training visiting  courses organized by  the MAS.    

c.       When  signing up for an action he/she must show his/her membership card to prove that membership fee has been paid.

d.      During the activity, excursion, climbing or an expedition one must behave in accordance with the Rules  having in mind that a leader is legally responsible for the realization of the whole activity  but a leader is not responsible for the consequences  of participants’ misbehaviour. 

e.      If a participant  thinks that a leader is not right in anything eg in his relationship with a participant or participants  he/she should make it be discussed on their return at the first following meeting in the club or at the meeting of the Executive Board but his /her complaint  must be supported by the  facts and  arguments. In case the Executive Board ask a complaint to be given in writing , a participant is obligated to do that.

4.      A verification of the action is done  after a leader gives a written report to:

a. Financial sector - a financial report
b. Head of the club - a travel report with the names of all participants, description of the action,etc.

    5.  The Executive Board will verify the activity organized by the leader  in charge if at least 5 mountaineers  take  part in the action  ie 3 mountaineers  for highmountaineering and if he/she presents the report of the action on time.

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